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Polycom VVX 601 is the best VoIP phone, because it is a reliable and practical business model, popular with design, features and the easiest phone in the market.

Business Voip Phone Review

Business Voip Phone

On this page, we’ll review the best VoIP phones for small businesses, covering their prices and great features.

Even if you don’t need the hardware – VoIP software can provide similar capabilities through software running on your desktop or mobile device, and it can be cheaper and more flexible, so it’s an option to consider first.

How Does Voip Work?

The sound quality is also the best with HD sound and “Yelink Noise Proof technology”. The handset is officially hearing aid compatible (HAC), so it can meet many audio needs.

The only catch is the price: at $269.95, the Yealink SIP-T58A is one of the most expensive options on this list.

This is one of the most expensive options for a business phone, so if you don’t think you’ll be using enough features, you can find other reasonable options at a better price.

One big priority for you before setting up your business phone: Do you want a wired or cordless phone? Wireless handsets are portable and won’t crash, while landline options are guaranteed to never run out of battery.

Is It The Best Voip Solution For Your Business?

Need a way to keep track of all your calls? You don’t want “please wait” to be the last thing the customer hears.

To better understand your options, you can use our free VoIP comparison tool to compare all the leading VoIP phone systems with individual recommendations and prices tailored to your needs.

Before we review the top VoIP phones, let’s take a moment to consider what you really need.

If you have a laptop or business phone, you can choose a “softphone” system, which provides access to business phone features via a mobile or desktop app.

Virtual VoIP phones are maintenance-free and flexible enough to meet your needs if you move offices or add phone lines or users. Best of all, you don’t need huge upfront costs for a small business that doesn’t need expensive hardware.

Our independent research team tested various VoIP systems in the market and determined that the top VoIP provider overall is RingCentral, due to its high scalability (4,9/5 stars), unbeatable customer support (5/5), and strong external connections.

which makes it possible to work with existing business infrastructure (4.3/5). 8×8 is another great choice, especially for small businesses, as it ties RingCentral for great features (4.9/5) and security (5/5), as well as quality customer support (5/5).

Our impartial testers tracked ten VoIP services across seven different research categories, just to be sure – you can check out our VoIP comparison tool now to compare prices.

Everything A Business Needs To Know About Fixed Voip

What makes the VVX 601 stand out as our top pick is how easy it is to find these features: The VVX 601 is built for ease of use, with a sleek ergonomic design that won’t confuse you when you have to make a choice.

All the essential elements of a good business phone are present: flexibility, sound, video and a useful touch screen.

This model uses Bluetooth, has two USB 2.0 ports for media and data, and an RJ-9 port (the usual wired audio port). Besides, it’s easy to use.

Prices aren’t the cheapest, and if your business doesn’t make a lot of calls, you might not see the full value, but it’s an unbeatable option.

If Polycom’s prices are a little steep, IP softphones may be a better choice for your business. Check out our guide to inexpensive VoIP phone service to find more cost-effective options.

Top Rated Small Business Phone System Options

The Cisco 7841 is a great choice for business owners on a budget who still need a reliable, durable phone. The device has a total of four buttons which are physical buttons indicating call waiting.

The handset works with both on-premise and hosted systems, making usage flexible, and is equipped with a built-in broadband speaker, so you can arrange hands-free calling when needed.

Granted, it’s not superfluous in functionality: you get four rows of keys instead of 16, and the display is gray instead of colored.

But for small businesses that need a flexible solution to easily handle moderate call volumes, this is a great option at the cheapest price on this list.

At just $35, this refurbished phone is less expensive than all the great feature phones, and offers better features than other phones at a similar price.

Maybe you need additional cables or features and you’re willing to pay for them. Or maybe you want a simpler phone for less money.

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The Best Small Business Phone System

With many employees working partially or completely remotely over the years, and in the aftermath of the Covid-19 outbreak, that is truer than ever.

The DP1-T Cordless Desk Phone is an attractive option for those who want to make calls while at home. One of them, operates through Telo telephone service from VoIP provider Ooma.

Telo uses a small router-like device to route calls through the high-speed Internet in your home. Several reviewers blamed the phone for its buttons, which don’t emit a satisfying beep when pressed.

Otherwise, we think you’ll love this phone. Features include 32 programmable speed dials, speakerphone with do not disturb mode and push buttons to hold, transfer, and conferencing.

You can easily transfer numbers back and check your call logs whenever you want. a. In addition, with the Tello service, you will have unlimited national calling with voicemail support, caller ID and call waiting features.

It’s available for under $85, though you’ll need to buy another $76 Ooma Telo if you don’t use it. Alternatively, if you need additional functionality, you can use Telo and add a handset.

“I replaced my landline and DSL with Ooma for $125 a month. Easy to install, works as they say. It works seamlessly with our Panasonic answering machines and long distance telephone systems. Highly recommended. “… ~ John Walter, February 18, 2021 Key features in the review.

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Best Cheap Voip Phone Service Providers Of 2023

Calling from home is perfect for managing distracting elements: consider voice conferencing, speed dialing, new calls, or voicemail contacts. Skip it if you get high call volume or have a lot of users.

Several reviewers have noted that setting up speed dials comes with a learning curve, though once you’re fully set up it should be fairly easy. Want a customizable seven-inch touchscreen?

Want to access your web browser, calendar, recorder, and email from your phone? Five-way audio conferencing?

Feature packed The Yealink SIP-T58A has it all and comes with customizable interfaces in Bluetooth and WiFi support, a USB 2.0 port and two Gigabit Ethernet ports to boot.

An optional two megapixel HD camera called the CAM50 can be attached to the phone for video calls.

Using Android 5, the device has an open SDK, or software development kit, which allows developers with the appropriate coding knowledge to add their own third-party apps for a customized experience.

27 one-touch DSS buttons allow users to track or extend calls, while eight dedicated feature buttons address common needs: hold, transfer, message, headset, mute, redial, speaker, and volume are all optimized.

Best Conference Phones For Small Businesses

If your business makes a lot of calls and you want to add or replace your VoIP phone, we’ve found the best VoIP phone options for 2023.

To come up with our top ten, we measured the differences between each phone on several indicators, including desired features, price and popularity.

We also study user reviews for you, so we can give you a clear impression of what everyday users really think. Below, we’ve listed each of our top picks and what makes them stand out.

You can go to whatever option suits you or you can keep scrolling down to see all of them. We don’t throw out phrases like “top of the line” and “flagship” for any landline phone, but if we did, it would be for the IP Polycom VVX 601.

It has a 4.3-inch color touchscreen, 16 buttons, Bluetooth support, the ability to video, HD audio quality (allowing connections), and a Gigabit Ethernet bridge.

All of this adds up to a desk option that’s easy to use, easy to listen to, and powerful enough for multi-calling environments.

The highest price will cost you just over $135 new, so we recommend checking with a retailer like Amazon — though the higher-priced models will include an AC adapter.

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